Steel Strip Society

Special rolled profiles. 84th workshop, Lhotka

On October 14 - 16, 2019, the 84th workshop on the topic "Special rolled profiles" was held for the members of the Steel Strips Society. The seminar was organized by VÚHŽ a.s. in cooperation with the Steel Strips at the Hotel Wellness & Restaurace U Fandy, Lhotka 180, 739 47 Lhotka, Czech Republic.

A regular seminar that took place even before the covid wave that disrupted our regular meetings. Unusually, the co-organizing company was VUHŽ a.s. and that brought us into the realm of long rolls. In the birth certificate, the seminary had:

Topic: “Special rolled profiles”

Venue: Wellness & Restaurant U Fandy, Lhotka

Seminar guarantor: Ing. Martin Špok


  • Monday 14 October 2019
    • Presentation and accommodation
  • Tuesday 15 October 2019
    • Plenary meeting of the Company
    • Professional part of the seminar – lectures, discussions
    • Social evening, informal discussion
  • Wednesday 16 October 2019
    • Vocational excursion VÚHŽ Good
    • Evaluation and conclusion of the seminar

Participation: 30 members of the Society, including 5 seniors

Guests: Speakers and co-authors of contributions in the professional part of the seminar, representatives of the co-organizing company and guests Pretnar Jerney and Vašek Zdeněk.

The following lectures were given in the professional part of the seminar:

Transformation of VÚHŽ Dobrá from a research institute to a production company. Ing. Karel Rojko, VÚHŽ Dobrá, on behalf of Ing. Martin Ružička.

The problem of the production of special profiles in the conditions of the hot rolling mill of VÚHŽ a.s. Ing. Martin Růžička, VÚHŽ Good.

Rolling of special profiles for the production of leaf springs. Ing. Tomáš Kubina, Ph.D., Daniel Folta, Ing. Zdeněk Vašek, Ph.D., Liberty Ostrava.

Heat treatment of low-carbon boron steel 22MnB5 to a strength of over 1000 MPa with guaranteed plasticity. Doc. Ing. Václav Machek, CSc., Mubea Transmission, Žebrák.