Surface finishes. 86th workshop, Ostrava-Petřkovice.

During the plenary session, Ing. Tomáš Studecký and Ing. Pavel Vítoslavský were accepted as members of Steel Strip Society.
The professional part of the seminar was guaranteed by Ing. Jiří Váňa from the EKOMOR company. The traditional excursion took place at the company ŽDB Drátovna a.s.,

Excursion to SSAB Hämmenlinna company, Finlandia.

At the beginning of June 2018, another of the planned professional excursions abroad took place, which are organized by the Steel Strip Society for its members and are carefully prepared in cooperation with a selected foreign company whose development activity or production program is related to the issue of steel strips and sheets. This year, by mutual agreement, the members of the Company visited SSAB Hämmenlinna – Finland, where cold-rolled steel strips with increased strength and hardness are produced.

Special rolled profiles. 84th workshop, Lhotka

On October 14 – 16, 2019, the 84th workshop on the topic “Special rolled profiles” was held for the members of the Steel Strips Society. The seminar was organized by VÚHŽ a.s. in cooperation with the Steel Strips at the Hotel Wellness & Restaurace U Fandy, Lhotka 180, 739 47 Lhotka, Czech Republic.

Field trip to the company SSAB Tunplant – Borlänge, Sweden.

The next of the planned foreign field trips, which are arranged by Steel Strip Society for its members and carefully prepared in cooperation with a selected foreign company associated by its development activity and/or production with issues of steel strips and sheets, was realized at the beginning of June 2013. The visit of members of Steel Strip Society was realized after mutual agreement at the company SSAB Tunplant, Borlänge – Sweden, which produces rolled strips made of steel with increased strength and hardness.