Steel Strip Society

Surface finishes. 86th workshop, Ostrava-Petřkovice.

During the plenary session, Ing. Tomáš Studecký and Ing. Pavel Vítoslavský were accepted as members of Steel Strip Society. The professional part of the seminar was guaranteed by Ing. Jiří Váňa from the EKOMOR company. The traditional excursion took place at the company ŽDB Drátovna a.s.,

The morning program was traditionally dedicated to the plenary session. The following items were on the agenda:

  • Acquaintance with the program of the 86th working seminar
  • Changes in membership
  • Evaluation of the 85th working seminar
  • Information on the activities of the executive board for the last period since the 85th autumn seminar
  • Financial report 2021, budget proposal for 2022, review report
  • Coffee break
  • Preparation of the 87th Winter Seminar and Conference 2023
  • WWW pages of the Company
  • Discussion and misc

Company President Ing. Špok handed over the member’s card and company statutes to Ing. Zbyňek Hudieczek, Ph.D. from BILSTEIN. CCE a.s. The following colleagues signed up to the company as physical members:

Ing. Pavel Vitoslavský – UVB Technik s.r.o. commercial and technical director, company executive.

Ing. Tomáš Studecký – COMTES FHT – represents a long-term legal entity in SOP

Both presented themselves and were 100% elected for physical members of the company.

The professional part of the 86th workshop took place on 24/05/2022 in the afternoon in the common room of the restaurant GREEN Ostrava Petřkovice. Seminar guarantor Ing. Jiří Váňa started the afternoon lecture block, during which the following lectures were presented:

Guardrails Liberty OstravaIng David Rochovanský, Liberty Ostrava, a.s., Ostrava
Analysis of the surface and contamination of metal materials – won’t it hurt, (won’t) help?Mgr. Jiří Čmelík, Ph.D., Orlen UniCRE, a.s., Ústí nad Labem
Checking the cleanliness of parts in the production processIng. Michal Zoubek, TechTes, s.r.o. Jaroměř.
Pickling line for brass alloy stripsIng. jiří Váňa, Ekomor, s.r.o., Frýdek-Místek. Lowered by the entry of Ing. Tomáš Marten from Ingeteam
The traditional excursion took place at the company ŽDB Drátovna a.s., which was founded in 1885.

We were warmly received with refreshments. At the beginning, the history of the company and its production program were explained to us.

We had the opportunity to take a look at the entire wire production process with an expert explanation. I saw a wire mordant, a production line for the production of so-called patented wire (isothermal hardening), wire drawing mills, rope and spring production, a die preparation plant