Steel Strip Society

8th International Conference STEEL STRIPS 2011

Information about the course of the international scientific conference organized by the Steel Strip Society.

On October 4-6, 2011, the 8th international conference STEEL STRIPS 2011 was held in the High Tatras – Staré Lesná in the Slovak Republic at the ACADEMIA hotel. The conference was organized by the Steel Strip Society for the professional public dealing with the production and processing of hot and cold rolled steel strips and their finalization.

The conference was attended by 94 experts from 4 continents, from 12 countries – the Czech Republic, China, Italy, South Africa, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and the USA. 42 lectures (including company presentations) were presented in 4 specialist sections.

The conference covered the metallurgical and engineering, technological and scientific research aspects of the production and finalization of hot and cold rolled steel strips. With its content, it contributed dominantly to strengthening the belief in the importance and perspective of steel strips as products, forming, among other things, the basis for demanding production with high added value (primarily in the field of the automotive industry). A fundamental orientation towards increasing quality during the introduction of new steels and technologies, reducing energy and material costs of production, respecting ecological requirements and closely linking strip production with applied research has been demonstrated.

We believe that many of the participants of the 8th international conference STEEL BELT 2011 took new knowledge and ideas from the presented contributions to their workplaces and institutes, which will be beneficial for their further work and research activities.