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7th International Conference STEEL STRIPS 2006

Evaluation of the 7th International Conference Steel Strips 2006 including photos capturing the progress and atmosphere of the conference.

The 7th International Conference Steel Strips 2006 was traditionally focused on all phases of production and further processing of steel strips. Thematically, it covered the relevant area of metallurgy and engineering, from the point of view of production technology, machinery and the properties of finished products. The conference was specific for the connection and exchange of knowledge from the field of research and production of hot and cold rolled steel strips.

The development in this area has shown a very dynamic development in recent years, especially in terms of increasing the quality of products, reducing energy consumption and respecting the ecological aspects of production. A key trend is the connection of continuous casting of semi-finished products (slabs or even strips) with simplified hot rolling, which brings significant investment and energy savings, but which is also associated with the need to solve newly emerging problems. It is then necessary to pay more attention to the applied research of structure-forming processes connected with the thermomechanical processing of the material and fundamentally affecting the utility properties of the belts. With the development of modern technology of continuous casting of ever thinner semi-finished products, it is also necessary to take into account the growing importance of cold rolling of strips and their heat treatment.

We believe that the 7th International Conference Steel Belts 2006 provided you with interesting insights in all indicated areas. For this purpose, more than 40 lectures, divided into three sections, were included in the collection. Two of them are focused on the production and finalization of hot-rolled strip, or Cold. The third section summarizes the contributions related to the research and development of strip steels and different ways of modeling rolling processes.

I hope that at this event you experienced nice social moments associated with the exchange of new professional information and the establishment of other suitable contacts, useful for your professional activities.