Steel Strip Society

Professionals in the field of research and production of steel strips and sheets

These pages were created with the aim to inform the technical public about activities of Steel Strip Society, which mainly consists in the organization of occupational workshops.  Except for information about activities you can also find here a part of our history, the description of the Society organization and other fields of activities.


Steel Strip Society is an association of technologists in the field of research, production and processing of steel strips.

As far as topic is concerned, Steel Strip Society is focused on material issues and issues of  the production of semi-products for hot and cold rolling of steel strips, technological process of the production of hot and cold steel strips, controlled rolling (thermomechanical treatment) and heat treatment of steel strips.

Actualities and news from our society

Society activity

Occupational workshops

Workshops prepared for members of the Steel Strip Society are held twice a year, in spring and autumn. They are intended to inform and educate participants about the latest in research, production, materials and overall development in the field of steel strips.

Workshops have always created the main topic of working activities of the Society. Their fundamental concept has since the 1st workshop remained without substantial change. On the agenda of the first day of every workshop (in the part of the plenary session of the Society) are organizational and personal issues, information about the preparation of following workshops or conferences, evaluation of realized actions, etc. In the second part of the day the technical (professional) programme of the workshop follows, where sufficient space is reserved for papers or parallel papers, as the case may be, and for the discussion. In this second part of the workshop the invited representatives of the company/institution which is a guarantee of the current workshop usually take part. On the agenda of the second day is usually a field trip to the plant of the company organizing the workshop, or another accompanying programme is ensured.

Conferences with international participation

These conferences have been arranged since 1976 in a five year interval. Their basic concept is without change, similarly as in the case of workshops. As far as professional aspects is concerned, conferences are ensured by members of Steel Strip Society, the organization of initial four conferences was provided in cooperation with The House of Technology ČSVTS  at that time.

Steel Strip Society completely arranged the 5th conference in Opava in 1996, the 6th conference in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in 2001, the 7th conference in Přerov in 2006, the 8th conference in Stará Lesná on the High Tatras (Slovak Republic) in 2011 and the 9th conference in Mikulov in 2016. Also all future conferences will be completely arranged by the Society, it means that not even the preparation (invitation cards, topical distribution of papers into sections, providing board and lodging services, interpreting, cultural and/or accompanying programme of the conference, financial frame, etc.), but also the actual course of the conference itself (managing the sections, secretariat and information centre, audio-visual aids, etc.).

Society members

We have been with
you since 1973

Klement Gottwald’s Vítkovice ironworks crews. In the picture, the front melter
of the afternoon shift I. the winning blast furnace Ludvík Pastorek during tapping.

Source: ČTK

The national group of experts “Strip Production” was founded on December 5, 1973 on the occasion of its 1st workshop in Ostrava. It was Ing. Vladimír Dědek, CSc (represented the national enterprise VŽKG Ostrava at that time) who was charged by set-up of this group. Totally 29 foremost experts in the branch of strip steels production and development, among them those representing all Czechoslovak rolling mills, producers of rolling mills and their parts, project organizations designing metallurgical plants, experts of technical universities and Headquarters of Iron and Steel Metallurgy in Czechoslovakia (GŘHŽ at that time), were selected to become the core of the above mentioned group. In the course of the workshop the main principles and mode of work were agreed.

The national group of experts “Strip Production” was transformed to “Steel Strip Society” on May 18, 1994 at the foundation meeting in the course of the 38th workshop at Žloukovice. Based on its own memorandum of association (Rule Book), it is a voluntary association of citizens and legal entities joined together in accordance with Law No. 83/90 Sb. In the initial meeting Executive Board was elected, Rule Book was accepted and other organizational issues were negotiated. It is considered very important that original principles and the mode of work were kept to.